Gangster Name Generator

Gangster Name Generator 1.3.1

Find out what your gangster name is


  • Generates gangster names based on your own


  • Badly designed user interface
  • Requires internet connection

Not bad

Gangster Name Generator is a fun app designed to tell you what your name would be if you wanted to turn yourself into a gangster.

The premise is simple: enter your real name into Gangster Name Generator, and the program will come up with a name and a favorite quote for you. For example, I'm Heavy Diddi and my famous quote is "I lost my gat!"

The names and quotes generated by Gangster Name Generator seem to be consistent with the name you enter rather than being randomly generated. i.e. every time I entered my name I was given Heavy Diddi, whereas other names produce other gangster names.

Although it's fun for a few minutes, Gangster Name Generator isn't an app of very high quality. The presentation is very basic, with minimal graphics and a poor user interface. An internet connection is required in order to generate a name, rather than being stored internally within the app. It would also have been nice to be able to share your gangster name on Facebook on Twitter from the app.

If you're on the lookout for a new nickname, Gangster Name Generator may help, but it's not the kind of app you'll keep for long.

Gangster Name Generator


Gangster Name Generator 1.3.1

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